Creative Kids Brisbane offer children the chance to learn specific drawing, sculpture, free form clay work, and mixed media art under the guidance of Arts Educator Liz Austin-Glen and her team of artists. 

Each workshop focuses on providing high quality individual student attention. I believe having a rich arts education will provide your child with greater artistic skill, creativity, imagination and self confidence. 

Creative Kids founder Liz Austin-Glen has several years experience in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Adult Arts Education. After completing a Bachelor of Photography at the Queensland College of Art, Liz realised her main passion along with art was teaching and went on to complete a Diploma of Education at QUT. Liz went on to work with Primary School arts educators and not-for-profit arts organisations for several years. 

Liz finds the most enjoyable part of teaching children art is being able to understand the way in which a child thinks and imagines through the unique way they approach an art idea and the individual style each child adds to their artwork.